Being among the latest Canadian peat producers serving the entire North American market, we boast a key competitive edge: ProfilePeat stands out as some of the youngest, most renewable peat moss in the industry.


With a reliably low, stable pH and minimal soluble salts (ECs), ProfilePeat offers ideal conditions for plant growth. Plus, its high cation exchange capacity (CEC) ensures optimal nutrient retention and availability, making it a consistent choice for total plant performance.

Disease Suppressive

The microorganisms found in ProfilePeat outcompetes harmful pathogens like pythium and phytophthora by utilizing a process called general suppression. This natural suppression lasts for around 6-7 weeks, which aligns closely with the typical crop cycle for many plants.


Highest Quality

Our ProfileCoir consists of high-quality, material with a quality control process that is managed from start of production to final shipment.


Packaged in 5kg blocks for convenient handling and processing, ProfileCoir expansion yields up to 16 cubic yards per metric ton.

Better Growing

Our ProfileCoir is washed multiple times in a calcium nitrate solution to reduce sodium and potassium levels, improving the growing environment for plants.


Trusted industry-leading Sunterra Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss is now under the name ProfilePeat.

Canadian sphagnum peat moss is a natural, organic substrate that regulates moisture and air around plant roots to establish ideal growing conditions.

Image of peat moss in a bale.

The ProfilePeat Advantage

Image of two hands holding peat moss.

Youngest on Market

ProfilePeat produces long, blonde, fibrous peat, which is among the youngest, least decomposed grades of peat currently on the market. Nearly all the peat moss we offer comes from peat fields that have been harvested for less than five years.

Image of plant and it's roots in soilless media.

High Porosity & Airspace

ProfilePeat provides high porosity and airspace, which can enhance root development and allow plants to dry down quicker and reduce over-saturation. This ultimately provides you with better control over fertility while conserving water during the process.

Image of an operator moving a bale of peat moss onto a truck.

Consistent from Bale to Bale

Our unblended peat is consistent from bale to bale. With a reliably low, stable pH and minimal soluble salts (ECs), ProfilePeat’s peat moss offers ideal conditions for plant growth.

Image of bales of peat moss.

Highly Compressed Peat Moss Bales

Our peat moss comes in highly compressed 2:1 bales, which help reduces freight and storage costs. Shipped in waterproof, UV-resistant bags, two bales per pallet, our peat moss comes from the top layer of the bog, ensuring low bulk density for an unmatched level of compression and expansion.


ProfileCoir is a hydroponic growing media made from coconut fiber. Our premium coir is processed in state-of-the-art facilities in Southern India and formulated in highly compressed 5 kg blocks for superior yield upon expansion and comes in multiple grades to suit a wide range of needs.

Image of blocks of coir.

Count on Coco Coir

Up-close image of coir.

Highest Quality

Our coconut coir is a high-quality, consistent material with a quality control process that is managed from start of production to final shipment.

Aerial view of rows of plants and seedlings in trays.

Wide Variety of Usage

Our line of cocopeat products has an excellent texture that can be used with a variety crops: potted plants, fruit, vegetables, sensitive plants and seedlings.

Greenhouse full of potted shrubs with green, yellow and red leaves

Balanced pH

Our materials are washed multiple times to reduce contaminants and unwanted salts for low EC and a stable pH of 5.5 – 6, creating a balance of proper air space and water holding for better growing.

Image of plants growing in potted soil.

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