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About Us

Profile® Growing Solutions delivers the most complete portfolio of dynamic growth solutions designed to better cultivate total performance for professional growers in today’s horticultural and food markets.

As a leader in the global horticultural industry, Profile Growing Solutions provides highly engineered growth solutions to increase plant, soil and nutrient performance.

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Extensive Portfolio

Our cutting-edge suite of products caters to the distinct requirements of each plant, including substrates, growth structures and nutrition solutions.

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Highly Innovative

Profile Growing Solutions prioritizes ongoing portfolio enhancement and expansion, providing patented technology options spanning from cultivation to harvest.

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Global Resources

Profile Growing Solutions leverages extensive global resources and manufacturing expertise to fuel an active pipeline of innovation and constant product improvements.

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Proven Product Performance

All of our materials are rigorously tested both in our R&D lab and through third-party facilities to ensure the highest quality and consistency in the substrate market.

Rows of flowers growing in soilless media in a greenhouse.
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The Key to Better Growing Media

The Profile Growing Solutions portfolio is focused on four key categories of highly engineered growth solutions: propagate, cultivate, nurture and optimize.

Profile Growing Solutions has one of the broadest portfolios of substrate, growth structure and nutrition product solutions for use in today’s horticultural markets, covering the unique needs of every plant.

HydraFiber® - Learn More


HydraFiber® is a highly engineered media designed for use across a variety of plants and crops. It blends easily with other mix components and is designed to support the unique nutritional and water retention needs of your plants.

Florikan® - Learn More


As a controlled-release fertilizer, Florikan® provides a complete line of nutritional solutions to improve the feeding of plants. Teamed up with industry giants Nutricote® and GAL-XeONE®, Florikan is tailored to meet all your plant fertility and nutritional requirements.

Profile® Harvested Media - Learn More

Profile® Harvested Media

Profile® Harvested Media features both high grade Canadian Sphagnum Peat from Sunterra Horticulture, and premium coconut coir from Southern India. These key substrate components feature high-quality, consistent fibers that promote better air space and drainage for plant performance.

TruRoot® - Learn More


Our TruRoot linup, featuring Quick Plug technologies is a line of stabilized, innovative propagation media products designed to reduce labor, boost root development and increase germination rates.

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