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Profile® Growing Solutions’ portfolio is focused on dynamic solutions in four key categories of plant growth: propagate, cultivate, nurture and optimize.

With one of the broadest portfolios from substrates to controlled-release fertilizers and bonded plugs, we offer proven solutions to increase horticultural performance, improve germination, support healthy root development and enhance water management.

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HydraFiber® - Learn More
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HydraFiber® is a highly engineered media designed for use across a variety of plants and crops. It gives professional growers and soil mix producers a high-quality, cost-effective amendment that is an alternative to bark, perlite, vermiculite and other raw materials.

Florikan® - Learn More
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Florikan controlled-release fertilizers provide growers with a complete nutritional solution to improve crop production and reduce environmental impact. Florikan has received numerous awards including: Gulf Guardian Award, Florida Ag Environmental Leadership Award and the Environmental Awareness Award.

Profile® Harvested Media - Learn More
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Profile® Harvested Media

Our harvested substrates includes premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss from Sunterra Horticulture and premium coconut coir from Southern India. These key substrate components feature high-quality, consistent fibers that promote better air space and drainage for plant performance.

TruRoot®, featuring the Quick Plug lineup - Learn More
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TruRoot®, featuring the Quick Plug lineup

TruRoot® is a line of stabilized, innovative propagation media products designed to reduce labor, boost root development and increase germination rates.

Complete Product Portfolio

Profile Growing Solutions integrates products from four pivotal categories of growth solutions, crafting tailored products that cater to the specific requirements of professional growers and the dynamic environments they navigate.

Unmatched Manufacturing Expertise

Profile Growing Solutions takes a holistic approach that combines environmentally beneficial project design with products that are ecologically responsible. This ongoing commitment to research, testing and responsible product development has even helped establish several industry standards for manufacturing.

Global Resources and Access

With access to global distribution touchpoints, Profile Growing Solutions has the relationships needed to deliver our broad portfolio of products across a multitude of market segments and global geographies.

Leader in Tech

As a leader in innovation and technology, Profile Growing Solutions has an eye toward constant portfolio improvement and expansion through an active pipeline of innovative, patented technologies to address plant needs from cultivation to harvest across the substrates and growing media supply chain.

Proven Performance

Profile Growing Solutions’ product portfolio provides professional growers with more consistent quality and superior performance to boost your business’s return on investment.


Nine HydraFiber SKUs received the Recycled Content Environmental Claim Validation (ECV) from UL Solutions, certifying they contain a minimum of 70% recycled content. Profile Products has recently achieved the prestigious Veriflora Responsibly Managed Peatlands certification for its Sunterra Sphagnum peat products.

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