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From cultivation to harvest, Profile® Growing Solutions has an expansive product portfolio to support your unique growing operation needs.

HydraFiber® - Learn More
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HydraFiber® is a highly engineered media designed for use across a variety of plants and crops. It blends easily with other mix components and is designed to support the unique nutritional and water retention needs of your plants. No other substrate is as consistent and readily-available to improve the physical characteristics of your growing mix.

Florikan® - Learn More
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Florikan® is a specialty controlled-release fertilizer that slowly releases nutrients to help plants grow. Florikan uses special coatings to encapsulate fertilizers, improving plant nutrition and reducing environmental impact. Profile Growing Solutions produces, mixes and delivers controlled release fertilizers to top gardens and farms globally.

Profile® Harvested Media - Learn More
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Profile® Harvested Media

Profile® Harvested Media includes premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss from Sunterra Horticulture and premium coconut coir from Southern India. Both substrate materials feature best-in-class quality control and consistency; and are harvested and processed to high environmental standards. In fact, PGS achieved the prestigious Veriflora certification for its responsible harvesting of Sphagnum Peat Moss.

TruRoot® - Learn More
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TruRoot® is a line of stabilized, innovative propagation media products designed to reduce labor, boost root development and increase germination rates. TruRoot, featuring Quick Plug technology, is a stabilized growing media trusted across the horticulture industry for the most challenging plants, providing you with a strong start to your crops regardless of the plants you’re growing or your operational setup.

Product Categories

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Engineered Fiber

Our substrate solutions improve root development, overall plant quality and accelerate growing cycles. Our patented Thermally Refined™ manufacturing process creates superior refined fibers, achieving optimized growing conditions across a wide variety of crops.

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Controlled Release Fertilizer

Committed to quality and solution-first products, our controlled-release fertilizers optimize plant nutrition, minimize needed reapplications and reduce environmental impact. Check out our product line including Nutricote® and GAL-XeONE™.

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Propagation & Bonded Media

Our substrates excel in seamlessly filling trays, forming secure bonds, and minimizing mess and waste. This commitment to quality translates into superior growing media for plant propagation, facilitating robust root development and enhancing germination rates effectively. Check out our HydraFiber and TruRoot brands for more information.

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Peat & Coir

ProfilePeat and ProfileCoir are excellent growing mediums. They provide you with better control over plant fertility and water retention. This is because of their premium quality, consistency and high porosity. Profile Growing Solutions recently achieved the prestigious Veriflora® Responsibly Managed Peatlands certification for its Sphagnum peat products.


Improving soilless cultivation starts with dependable, effective growing materials. Our substrates guarantee consistent results for a variety of hydroponic plants, promoting ideal growth and maximum yield.

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Profile® Growing Solutions delivers the most complete portfolio of dynamic growth solutions designed to better cultivate total performance for professional growers in today’s horticultural and food markets.

As a leader in the global horticultural industry, Profile Growing Solutions provides highly engineered growth solutions to increase plant, soil and nutrient performance.